During those early years when I worked in an office during the week, I spent almost every weekend sewing.  Of course I didn’t have to but I wanted to, and it soon became an addiction.   Every Monday I would walk into the office in something new.  After my co-workers had admired and inspected my outfit, they would tell me how lucky I was.  Excuse me, luck had played no part in me getting this new outfit, it was a lot of hard work being slumped over that sewing machine all weekend,  while you all lay on the beach and had fun.

There is more to sewing that joining two pieces of fabric together.   I’ve heard people say “sewing is easy, anyone can do it”.  While I don’t dispute that fact, you must remember that there is sewing and proper sewing.   Over the years I have seen some dreadful homemade creations, and to the trained eye it just shouts out “I’m homemade”.  Not that there’s anything wrong with homemade clothes, unless of course you really know what you’re doing, and let’s face it,  homemade does have a bad name.

When my daughters were little they had some beautiful clothes, always matching styles but in different colours to suit their individual skin tones.  They always got compliments when we were out shopping, but sadly not many people believed that I had made their clothes.  One day we were out shopping in a Mall when a woman approached me and asked where I had bought my girls’ jackets.  Not in a mood to explain that I had made them, I told her that my husband had bought them on a recent trip to Italy; her reply was “oh you can see that”.   So that became a line that I used for many years, until I was wise enough not to give a rat’s ass about whether people believed me or not!